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~ by Jessica Hyllarée ~

Hair Loss Solutions
Volumitress™ by Jessica Hyllaree Jessica Hyllaree's revolutionary new patent-pending Volumitress line of custom-made real European human pieces offers a unique solution for women with hair loss, balding on the crown of the head, or alopecia. The Volumitress system also provides an optimal transition for women who have lost hair due to cancer chemotherapy and do not want to wear a wig. With Volumitress, they can now go out into the world with a great looking full head of hair that looks and feels like their own natural hair. The Volumitress system involves a custom-made, hand sewn, super-lightweight natural-looking hair piece and micro-clip-on extensions that can attach to as little as two inches of hair growth.
by Jessica Hyllaree
Jessica Hyllaree, who custom designs each hair piece in her hair salon, is known for her personalized attention to detail and her kind, welcoming and warm demeanor that makes clients feel comfortable when discussing hair loss solutions.

For women with:
  • Hair Thinning
  • Short Hair
  • Loss of Volume
  • Cancer
  • Grey Roots
  • Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
Hair solution alternative to:
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Damaging permanent extensions
  • Wigs

Client Testimonial: Susan talks about her experience with hair loss and how happy she is to finally have found a solution

Client Testimonial: Marty talks about how easy it is to use Volumitress and how it helps to hide her thin hair and grey roots.

Client Testimonial: Kori talks about her experience with androgenic alopecia and how Jessica's hair extensions have changed her life.

Jessica Hyllaree talks about the Volumitress System with her client, Susan.

Jessica Hyllaree provides an Overview of her Volumitress system and talks about how much she loves to wear it herself to provide volume and to hide grey roots.

Jessica Hyllaree talks about the how Volumitress is a more comfortable alternative to a conventional wig. She talks about how her clients suffering form hair loss feel that emotionally they prefer wearing Volumitress hair extensions and feel relieved to no longer need to wear a heavy wig.

Jessica Hyllaree talks about how Volumitress is a wonderful option for women recovering from cancer who want beautiful hair but do not want to continue wearing an uncomfortable wig.

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