Hair Extensions NYC

~ by Jessica Hyllarée ~

Attaching, Caring for & Styling the Hair

Our extensions can easily be attached in less than five minutes and do not require a salon visit. The hair pieces can easily be washed in the sink using shampoo and conditioner, and then left to air-dry, or dried using a blow-dryer. A comprehensive Instructional Brochure and 45-minute Instructional DVD is included to provide clients with step-by-step instructions on how to attach each hair piece, how to trim the hair and create waves and curls using use hot irons or rollers, and how to create over a dozen unique styles.
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how to wash hair extensions
A 60-second video demonstration showing how easy it is to attach the hair extensions.

attaching hair

45-minute Instructional DVD provides step-by-step instructions on how to attach each hair piece, care for the hair, and create over a dozen unique styles.

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Attaching Your Clip-On Human Hair Extensions

STEP 1: Attaching the first Nape
Leaving a one-inch height-wise section of hair near the nape of the neck, secure the remaining hair above with a barrette. Next, using a fine tooth comb, tease one inch sections as close to the scalp as possible on the left and right sides. Attach the first Nape hair piece by snapping each clip onto the teased sections. The teeth of the clip should face your scalp.
STEP 2: Attaching the second Nape
Open the barrette and let another  inch height-wise of hair to fall directly above the weft of the first Nape.  Tease one inch sections on both sides. Attach the second Nape hair piece by snapping each clip onto the teased sections.
STEP 3: Attaching the first Roundabout
Open the barrette and let another inch height-wise of hair to fall directly above the weft of the second Nape. Tease in three sections: on the left and right side above each ear, and in the middle. Attach the first Roundabout.
STEP 4: Attaching the second Roundabout
Remove the barrette and let another inch height-wise of hair to fall directly above the weft of the first Roundabout and secure the remaining hair with the barrette. Tease the hair in three places, on the left, right and in the middle. The teases on the left and right side should be close to your forehead. Attach the second Roundabout.  Gently pull on each hair piece to make sure that the clips are secure. The hair should be comfortable to wear. If the clips are pulling on your scalp, you may have attached them too tight. Remove hair pieces and re-attach.

Caring for Your Clip-On Human Hair Extensions

Washing the Hair

It is important to wash them properly to keep them looking like new. Use cool water only and follow the instructions below carefully. Wash the hair pieces after every 25 wears, using a very small amount of shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair. Hair should be gently brushed through prior to washing and after washing according to the brushing instructions on the opposite page. Remove hair pieces from head prior to washing, and wash each hair piece separately. Be sure to use cool water only.
First, hold each hair piece on the top and bottom and run under cool sink water. Note that the weft takes longer to dry, so if you want the hair piece to dry quickly, do not run the weft under the faucet.
Second, apply a small amount of shampoo to the entire hair piece. Only use shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair.
Third, hold both sides of the hair piece and rinse out the shampoo under cool running water. Repeat with conditioner.

Drying the Hair

To dry, hang the hair on a hanger and place on a hook or doorknob, or use a blow-dryer according to the instructions on the opposite side.

Trimming the Hair and Creating Layers

Always try on all hair pieces prior to trimming. Once cut, the hair cannot grow back so it is important not to cut the hair to short. Start by cutting the hair in one or two inch sections. Try the shorter hair on. If an even shorter length is desired, remove hair from head and cut another one or two inches. Remember that the hair appears longer when wet and shorter when curled. Another option is to ask your professional stylist to trim each hair piece to the desired length.
The hair pieces naturally create a layered look because they are designed to be attached to the head in different areas. For a more layered look, cut one Nape shorter than the other Nape, and cut one Roundabout shorter than the other Roundabout.

Brushing the Hair

If the hair piece becomes tangled from washing or wearing it, it is important to brush it properly to avoid pulling hair strands out of the weft.  Gently brush the hair in a downwards motion, starting two inches from the bottom. Continue brushing four inches from the bottom, then six and so on until the entire hair piece is tangle-free. For pre-curled or wavy extensions, use fingers to gently separate curls while hair is damp.

Drying the Hair Using a Blow-dryer

After the hair is washed, it can be air-dried by hanging the hair on a hanger (see opposite page). If you want the hair to dry immediately or want to create a “flip” at the bottom, wash the hair piece or spray it with water, hang the hair piece on a hanger and hang on a doorknob and gently blow-dry using a round brush.

Creating Waves or Curls Using Rollers

First, spray hair with water. Roll two inch sections with rollers and secure with bobby pins. Hang on a hanger to dry overnight or use a blow dryer to dry quickly.  
Using Hot Irons to Curl or Straighten Hair
It is recommended to use hot irons sparingly. Just as hot irons can damage natural hair, these appliances can damage hair extensions as well.  Try to style using rollers whenever possible.

Styling Options

Attach both Napes and only one Roundabout.  Pull hair back and secure with a barrette.
Attach both Napes and one Roundabout. Attach both Mini-Clips on the top front of the head. Pull a two inch section of hair  (near forehead) back and secure with a small barrette.
First attach the two Napes. Next, attach only one Roundabout around the head as if the weft itself forms a headband. Cover the weft of the Roundabout with a headband or scarf .
Folding the hair pieces to create a
Pony-tail, Up-do, Pig-tails and Braids
To create the following styles, fold each of the Napes  and Roundabouts until each weft is only two inches in width.  Secure each folded piece using one of the teeth-clips. Make sure that at least one  teeth-clip is showing so that it can be attached to the head.
In the back of the head towards the middle, tease four one-inch sections of the hair, one beneath the other, and attach the four hair pieces, with the two Roundabouts on the bottom, and the two Napes on the top.  Pull hair back and secure with a rubber band.
Style hair in a Ponytail (as shown above), and then wrap the hair into a loose bun and secure with bobby-pins. Tease very small sections of the hair in the front near the forehead and attach the two Mini-Clips, leaving some of your natural hair covering the wefts
Pig-tails and Braids
Create a part in the back and separate the hair on each side with barrettes. Attach two folded hair pieces on each side towards the bottom and secure with rubber bands or barrettes.